The Millenial Might of Online Millionaires

I get to listen to millionaires who’ve made it big in the online world on a daily basis. The stories of how these millionaires went from being caught in the rat race for what seemed like forever to spending all their time with their family and loved ones while they make money as they sleep and relax on the beach.. caught my attention.

How many of us think that websites are just for disseminating information that visitors might find useful? At the most I used to think that websites were a way of personal expression, advertising for your company’s services, or creating awareness about a cause. Of course then along came,, and the online retailing giants. We simply can’t ignore the effectiveness that comes with a perfect online marketing strategy and what Google Adwords has done for it. But as simple as it sounds to get online and start selling your products and services, acquire new and old broken websites, and generate revenue from thousands of websites offering something for everyone, how did these online millionaires actually do it? A blind chap who has made his mark online said “If a blind guy can do this, someone who doesn’t even know what HTML stands for, anyone can.” Ok, how.. just by clicking and typing away?

The world of internet marketing has a very low barrier threshold. This means that anyone with a computer, a camera, and an internet connection can potentially become a millionaire in a couple of years if they are smart and take action. I found it really interesting that all of the millionaires I’ve read about hardly talk about actual “how to”. All speak about their stories of success, their humble beginnings, and how much money now comes into their bank accounts while they are asleep, with a few website resources thrown into their rhetoric. Then they went on to spend some quality time selling their product offerings to the audience. Don’t get me wrong. They are all actually brilliant. Let me tell you why.. they all talked about principles critical to personal performance, which is what I strive to provide to my clients and colleagues.

The best online marketeers constantly give us tips on how to market your self, your products/services, and how to sell other people’s products/services as if they were your own creations. All of these success stories involve outsourcing everything they “do”.. from website building, to writing books, to designing logos for their online companies. One guy made a killing online by starting to sell a ‘Bulgaria Property Guide’ and the fact is that he has never physically been to Bulgaria to this day. Am I to believe that I can be an expert about something I have no clue about? Apparently in this day and age the answer is a whooping “Yup”. Now I still wouldn’t go about this route for me personally, I still like to write my own stuff! But inherent in all their successes, each and every one of them asked us to follow these principles:

Work on your Vision: All those great online millionaires stress time and again that you need to have a full-length feature film in your mind of what your dream life looks like. There is no substitute for dreaming, believing you can do it, and not being surprised when you achieve the life you always wanted.

Take Action: Every one of those millionaires up there tell us to TAKE ACTION. No action leads to no results. If you don’t do something different right now, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Then when you become a millionaire, you can be your lazy self 95% of the time with 5% of your time spent in outsourcing what you “do”.

Make Mistakes: They tell us to jump right in, go ahead and make as many mistakes as you possibly can (without hurting anyone intentionally). It is truly amazing to hear inspirational stories of those getting bankrupt, being heavily in debt and using those circumstances to break through and shine. As one wise millionaire said, ‘confusion’ is nothing but an opportunity to learn and the motivation to get out of the cloudy mist.

Invest in Yourself: Everyone of those millionaires tell us to invest in our education. They didn’t mean university degrees. They mean learning by conversing with the people who have done this before, getting a mentor, reading the latest research in your field, building your own business model, and taking risks by experimenting with new strategies.

Aim for a Passive Income: These gurus have an average of thousands of websites they own and generate revenue from. The online marketing world has a lot to offer a person who can spend some time out of their day creating, innovating, generating multiple revenue streams online. The idea that you do something once and get paid for it for the rest of your life is awesome. So get out of the mindset that you have to work and then get paid, then work again and then get paid..

Now the vested interest for all the internet marketing gurus is for you to become an internet marketer so that you can hire them or buy their products to help you make your first $1 million online. But the principles with which these guys work off are universal and applicable to any profession whatsoever, as long as you LOVE doing what you’re doing, stay totally committed to your vision, and are dedicated to providing genuine service to your customers rather than just making a sale.

I’ll leave you today with a quote which sums up business success for every organisation and every entrepreneur, not just online marketers:

“Provide valuable solutions to desperate proven buyers with problems you can solve in the largest market you can easily access.”

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